Spirulina and diabetes – how spirulina can help diabetic patients.

diabetesHave you been diagnosed with Diabetes?

There is a lot of steps that you can take to help reduce the effect of the disease, like eat a cleaner diet, do some sport, drink a lot of water and find the right superfood/supplement that can help. Like our favorite blue-green algae: spirulina! Spirulina is a natural & affordable way to help you control your blood sugar level.

This Superfood is consumed worldwide and is recognized to regulate glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Did you know that the findings of several scientific articles indicate that the administration of 10 grams of spirulina per day for at least 90 days tend to bring different parameters significantly towards normal levels (blood glucose, plasma insulin, serum C-peptide, and activities of the glucose metabolizing enzymes hexokinase and glucose-6-phosphatase).

Diabetes (Type 2) is one of the most prevalent diseases in many developed countries and is of great concern globally. “Diet plays a central key role in maintaining the blood glucose levels in diabetic patients to prevent complications arising. As spirulina has been associated with cholesterol regulatory, antioxidant and immune modulatory properties, it seems to be helpful to diabetic patients as a functional food.

nutrition_balance Spirulina helps in maintaining the nutritional balance in such chronic conditions. Considering the critical lipid profile in Diabetic patients, spirulina has been reported to have blood lipid lowering effects which have a positive impact on both healthy subjects as well as heart patients. Since dyslipidemia, oxidative and inflammatory stress are considered to be the contributing factors for diabetes, spirulina has great promise as a functional food for management of type 2 diabetes.”


Ravi et al. 2010. The beneficial effects of spirulina focusing on its immunomodulatory and antioxidant properties. Nutrition and Dietary Supplements (2) 73–83.

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7 responses to “Spirulina and diabetes – how spirulina can help diabetic patients.

  1. Doctor Cath, Can you help me? Where’s a good training for spirulina cultivation? I live in Israel. Do you know a place in my area of the world? Preferable taught in English. thanks

    • Hi John,
      The only serious training that I’m aware of is in France (where the culture of spirulina is very popular) but it’s neither in your rgion nor taught in English. The training last 3 months and you have a state diploma recognized by the French Ministry of Agriculture.
      The algae lab in the US is providing short (1 day) workshop that give you the basics.

      The next best thing would be to contact spirulina farm in your area, like Spirulina Israel – http://spirulinaisrael.com/ – and see if you get a internship with them. Usually it’s mean that they get ‘free’ help on the farm and growers are usually very open to this kind of approach.

      I hope this helps, let me know how it goes!

  2. Pure High-Grade Spirulina should be Spiral. Spiral Spirulina is more compact with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Aztec Spirulina FoodGrowers is the pioneer Filipino producer of spirulina in Philippines. We have the perfect spiral shaped, certified Pure High-Grade Spirulina. Investors and spirulina consumers are welcome to visit our farm. Please message me if interested. Thank you!

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