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    Hi all,

    Kindly share your experience on drying spirulina. As you can find number of drying machines flooding from china. Is it worth to buy such costly machine or to go with nature’s gift SUN?

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    I’m using my dehydrator and it works wonder 🙂 Not too expensive either, about US$200 (Brand excalibur)

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    I am a starter and I am drying spirulina in sunlight. It is better, but recently studied drying spirulina in direct sunlight is not good so looking for alternative measure.

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    Dr Cath

    I would recommend building your own SUN POWERED dehydrator to dry your spirulina. You can google how to build a dehydrator and I’m sure you’ll find what you need.

    To your health!

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    yeah, you don’t want to dry your spirulina too much in the sun, otherwise they’ll oxidize and you loose a lot of good stuff….spirulina like to be dried in the dark 🙂

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