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    I was wondering that does anyone have the elements list that spirulina need?

    For example when we have “ferrous sulphate”, does spirulina need sulfate also or only ferrous=iron?

    And how about “sodium bicarbonate”: does spirulina really need sodium, we know it need carbonates so it wont need CO2 from the ambient air if I understood right.

    CO2 has two oxygens: we dont need that. NaHCO3 has three oxygens, so is there a reason why we cannot crush wood charcoal and feed it to spirulina as source of carbon?

    Someone please provide just the basic chemical elements that spirulina needs to grow like this:

    – iron
    – carbon
    – magnesium

    We need to cook up simple soup in ordinary natural basic things, so everyone can grow spirulina even in Africa without hygienic problems with biowaste, manure etc.

    I mean simply, that wood ash has many elements useful it also raises pH. And how about if we add clay to the culture, red clay in Africa has much iron especially.

    Spirulina can float in the culture and adjust its position with gas vacuoles/vesicles. Clay and ash particles will fall to bottom when not mixed. So we dont need continous mixing of the culture. And when we mix it, it will release nutrients from the sediment of clay and ash.

    So what else we need?

    Using animal wastes is simple when you burn them to ash.

    But when we dont have animals, how we can cultivate spirulina? There is always some wood and therefore ash: also soil of somekind.

    Lets figure out, how we can cultivate spirulina the most simple yet effective.

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