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    Henri Lentonen

    This just does not add to me..

    As also in here it is stated, that clorine is bad for algae but in the same text they say – calcium chloride should be used as fertilizer.

    So I think, this is one main reason – yet no-one seems to talk about it, that in chemical fertilizers, we cannot ever have the maximum yield, since for example chlorine exists in such great amounts in fertilizer:

    “We use tap water, filtered through activated carbon (such as a Brita) or through a ceramic filter (such as a Berkey). Algae are quite sensitive to chlorine (which is why it’s used in the first place!), so tap water is only usable if the chlorine has been removed—which can be done using products sold for fish aquariums.

    The afore-mentioned filters, and de-chlorination, leave minerals in the water, which is generally a good thing; if you want to use de-mineralized water such as distilled or reverse osmosis water, or if your water is particularly soft, you may get better growth if you add some combination of 0.1 g/L magnesium sulfate, 0.5 g/L potassium sulfate, and/or 0.1 g/L calcium chloride (or lime or plaster). That said, we have yet to hear of anyone having trouble growing in non- or de-chlorinated drinking water of any kind.”

    Growing Spirulina at Home

    So when we add calcium chloride it is CaCl2 which means, we have two chloride atoms per one calcium atom.

    So if the chloride is bad for algae, why we feed the algae with calcium and doubletime with chlorine? This just makes no sense to me.

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