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    Hello world!

    So I’ve been reading various forums and websites and I have been trying to understand two things:
    (1) How often do you feed nutrients to the spirulina?

    Some background info: I’ve had a culture now for 3 weeks and just went on to double it from 1L to 2L by removing 250mL from the original batch and created a new nutrient medium of 750mL. The original batch I replenished it with 250mL of dechlorinated water and added the proportion of nutrient mix that you would find diluted in 250mL of a 1L Happy Spirulina solution.
    (2) Did I do the right thing?

    One last question, I run bubbler (set very low) during the day and turn it off at night. The water temperature is around 28 deg C during the day and lower it to 22 degrees C at night.
    – Is this ok or does the spirulina need no stress (no heat, no bubbling) during the night time?



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    Dear All,

    I have successfully placed my 1 litre culture into my tank (quite nervous) and used it to grow up to a 5L medium.

    I’m looking at the color and it seems fine in my opinion, yet I’m reading that if it reaches a green-olive color it needs to be shaded. Does anyone have any input?

    What should I do?


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