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    Hello everybody!! I am Hernan, from Argentina and Im growing spirulina since 22/12/16. Im using Sodium Bicarbonate to get high pH but I cant get more than 9.
    Is there another way to have a nice and safe increase of the ph level? Ive heard that ashes might be the answer, what do you think?

    Here you have a pic of my couture.
    Thank you all!!

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    Henri Lentonen

    I use ash, it is good. Also gives some nutrients to the algae.

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      JesurunTiger, thats great!! Yeah, it should give some phosphates if Im not wrong. Can you tell me how do you use it? Some kind of special wood or any ash? directly in the tank?

      Thank you for your help!!

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    Henri Lentonen

    Just wood ash, mix it with plenty water, and mix again, and leave overnight: so the water will clear up.

    It can go as high as pH 12 with this. Also when you leave it stand fora day or two, it will absorb CO2 from the air.

    Then mix it with the culture.

    I usually though just mix the ash wit water, let it settle (it takes only about hour), and then just pour it into culture (I am lazy).

    It will raise pH to over 11 usually just with this.

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