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    Hi…i’m Faisal from Indonesia.
    I’m a newbie in growing spirulina.
    In my country it’s expensive to buy k2hpo4 and nano3 for the zarrouk medium, but I can easily find kh2po4 and kno3.
    How to substitute 0.5 gram/liter k2hpo4 with kh2po4 (how much gram/liter)?
    And how to substitute 2.5 gram/liter NaNO3 with KNO3 (how much gram/liter)?

    It is safe to consume the spirulina if I use fertilizer as the medium source?

    Thank you

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    1 – K2HPO4 = 173,9 mol/gr, PO4 = 94,9 mol/gr==> PO4 %54,57 = 0,5 gr x 54,57 / 100= 0,27 gr-PO4
    2 – KH2PO4 = 135,9 mol/gr, PO4 = 94,9 mol/gr==> PO4 %69,83 = 0,39 gr x 69,83 / 100=0,27 gr-PO4

    so calculate the other, NaNO3.

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