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    Dr Cath

    Hey tribe,

    At lot of people in various region of the world are looking for live spirulina to start their own culture.

    If you have live spirulina and are willing to share (sell) some, let us know here!


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    Must first give many thanks to the Doc and this Academy!
    Theres unlimited potential to empower and heal so many people via this organism.
    We have a camp here in the Puget Sound region of the Pacific Northwest.

    The culture we maintain is of the Arthrospira Plantesis species.
    We are willing to provide our best efforts in linking and syncing folks with these live bacterias.
    Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the addy below…or here @ SA.


    Again many thanks to the Doc for facilitating this synergy.


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    Hello Folks!

    I sell starter cultures of Spirulina platensis and S. maxima on my website. http://www.algaeanalytics.com.

    I also have other strains you may be interested in.

    Good luck growing!


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    I’m Brian (brianforpeace@gmail.com)

    I’m living in india (Karnataka) If you happen to be in karnataka or any of the immediate neighbouring states to karnataka, please feel free to drop a message and i can hook you up with some live spirulina platensis maintained in zarrouk’s medium.


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    Joining spirulina academy is such a pleasure experience,
    Thanks for providing such an informative platform and education series for startups

    Now, I need your help!

    I am planing to grow spirulina on commercial basis in my farm, I am about to construct 45x10x2ft pond in which I will feel approx 15000ltrs water, which is approx 8-9 inch in pond.

    I would like to know for above said capacity how much mother culture do I required? what else should and in how much quantity should I feed mother culture before releasing the same in the pond?

    Do I need separate mother culture if I contruct new ponds? Or i have to simply realise the culture from old pond to new ponds?

    Another help required is do you know someone in India who can supply me good mother culture? If yes please proved quote for the same.

    Awaiting for you reply

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