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    Henri Lentonen

    Spirulina is one of the biggest subjects of this planets recovery and healing: both ecosystem and humanity.

    Still it is the most quite topics.

    It is wrong.

    Lets fix this and together, make ads to other forums, sites etc. of this good place to discuss of this algae.

    Are you with me?

    Or is anyone interested on making own forum (non profit and non governmental organization) where we focus just in the science of producing spirulina the most simple and innovations?

    Talk to me people, this planet is our home so we need to work for this together.

    I have couple innovations, but live in finland and english not so good.

    There must be lot of people who have good ideas, big or small, finished or unfinished.

    How about we just forget patents and money and just start to make work and think together how and what we can do for this planet just with spirulina.

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