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    Hello Dr. Cath,

    Hope you are doing good! Recently I have seen mosquito larvae in my pond. The pH of water is 10 (which shouldn’t support larval growth). Is there any natural way to get rid of this issue. Eagerly awaiting your response.


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    Dr Cath

    Hi Vaibhav,

    I’m very surprised. A pH of 10 should not support larval growth as you said. Are you sure what you see are mosquito larvae?
    Try to up your pH all the way to 12 and see if that solve the problem. Your spirulina should be fine at that pH too!

    Hope this helps, and let us know of it goes!

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    Even I am amused. As no other insect is able to survive such high pH. I will try increasing the pH to 12 and get back to you with the result. The larvae are getting filtered out in the preliminary step of filtration but its a matter of concern as its undesirable.

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