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    Hi, we have been breeding a strain of Spirulina to survive increasingly colder temperatures and then last year we went commercial starting a farm in the greater St. Louis area. Our culture survived it’s first winter outside, with just a cold frame to protect the equipment from freezing damage rather than the culture, and only one tank died due to not having internal supplemental light sources, which was easy to reinoculate without having to start the tank over.

    Anyway, now that it’s spring, and the heavy early spring rain has passed, I went to purchase post harvest nutrients from our usual source, “Spirulina Systems”, but now their website is replaced by “Algae King” which doesn’t seem to deal in nutrients at all. Their timetable claims to offer the same services, but I only see information on new startups, and even if I was in the startup phase I’d be less willing to buy if they no longer sell to existing customers. I sent them an email a few days ago, but no response, and we are running low on nutrient reserves.

    I have been able to stretch nutrients out a bit by using evaporated sea water, which had the happy accident of significantly increasing growth density while also providing trace minerals to the harvest, and I tested it in the university lab showing salt content lower than a freshwater pond for comparison so it’s safe overall, but I’d rather not depend entirely on that as a nutrient source at least until I’ve run some tests first.

    Now, I see information on this website about nutrients, but that seems to be focused more on the establishing of a culture and it seems to imply that I need to purchase several different products and combine it myself without any information on how much I should use per pound of Spirulina harvested or what the cost per pound ends up being, so I was curious if someone could either elaborate on this form me or provide me with some information on commercial suppliers. Ideally, I’d like to purchase a ready made product, but lacking that need a clear idea of what I can buy from where and at what cost.

    Right now, I have the technical ability to harvest 20 pounds per week, but I need to harvest much more than that this week because each tank has several pounds worth from the over winter growing (which is slightly bitter, whereas it usually is tasteless, so is being harvested for personal use instead of sale) and not having a clear idea of nutrients has affected out ability to provide local grocery stores with our product.

    We are also looking to purchase a large section of harvesting cloth, and we liked best the cloth we got from Spirulina systems, as much other cloths we found were far more difficult to work with. We were planning an expansion and needed a section around 6 feet by 3 feet at least.

    (Side note: Our small farm will be publicly accessible during the Urban Farm tour May 21st as well so if anyone is close enough and wants to see, ask for more details. We are also actually looking to sell more fresh and frozen in the greater St Louis area if anyone in this region is interested, but so far we only sell frozen since we lack the packaging machines. Now that we are growing in winter, we expect to be able to harvest year round.)

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    please send me by email: huong.dothanh@gmail.com. I can offer u some thing.

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