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    Hi guys,

    Questions to you about replacing Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) with Carbonate (soda ash) hope you can help

    I am using all the time the following recipe and results are great,
    Medium Recipe:

    • 16g/l baking soda (i.e soda bicarbonate)
    • 2g/l saltpetre
    • 1g/l sea salt
    • 0.1g/l ammonium phosphate
    • 1 dropper/Gallon of Chelated Iron

    However I recently put my hands on large amount of Sodium carbonate (i.e. soda ash)

    Here is some blurb about the two (Sodium Bicarbonate Alkalinity Builder, NaHCO3 and Sodium Carbonate, Na2CO3 (Soda Ash))
    (1) Sodium Bicarbonate (or Baking Soda) is used for raising total alkalinity, which is what keeps the pH stable in a pool/water. Pool stores will commonly call this Alkalinity Up or Alkalinity Increaser.

    (2) Sodium Carbonate (or Soda Ash) in contrast, is for raising the pH itself. It is *not* used for raising the total *alkalinity*, although it will have a slight effect on it. The reverse is also true when using Sodium Bicarbonate, it will also raise the pH slightly, but that depends on where the pH is to start with.

    (3) Reading spirulina academy’s article ‘Spirulina Alkaline Powerhouse‘ especially focus on clause ‘4. Eat spirulina alkaline powerhouse’ I understand that spirulina is building the alkalinity.
    My conclusion from all that information (clauses 1-3) is that I only have to look after the PH and therefor Sodium Carbonate, Na2CO3 (Soda Ash) should do the trick.

    My questions to you are,

    • Is my conclusion correct?
    • How do I replace bicarbonate with carbonate? at what amounts?
    • Do I have to use different medium recipe? or can use the same recipe I use above replacing bicarbonate with carbonate 1:1 and
    • What is the action for the bicarbonate/carbonate in the water? is it simply Alkaline builder or/and is it contributing to the spirulina any nutrients/minerals for its survival.

    Hope you can help.

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    provided pH not allowed to go beyond 11.

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