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    i remember taking spirulina that was certified organic, just 1/4th teaspoon per day. after few days, developed mouth rashes, burning sensation in mouth, & most important pain in the gums & teeth. infact one teeth developed cavity fast & i had to go for tooth extracion. after a gap of few months, again tried spirulina, again in few days, same symptoms, had a cavity in one more tooth, had to get that tooth extracted too. in both cases stopping spirulina along with increase of milk intake, resulted in withdrawal of pain in teeth & gums, almost immediately. now i may be wrong in my analysis about tooth problem resulted due to spirulina, could be coincidence, yet have strong reasons for my doubts. any other user reported such feedback ?

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    That’s very unfortunate.

    It’s a little alarming.

    What was the brand you were talking about?

    You might be allergic or something.

    Ive been eating FRESH spirulina regularly and the only thing I can say about it is that they give me an extra energy boost throughout the day… With no ill effects whatsoever.

    I even give it to my 22month old son with no ill effects as well.

    I hope you address this problem. Is there any way you can analyse the spirulina brand in question?


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    i have used organic spirulina from parry nutraceuticals, india.

    remember taking probiotics, one particular brand on & off for past few years. just trying to figure out if that could have caused or aggravated the issue.

    have been afflicted by nasal congestion for past few months & nothing seems to be working. read how spirulina helped people with nasal congestion.

    so i have once again decided to try spirulina once again in very low doses. shall closely monitor the gum issues. doing oil pulling daily + trying to maintain mouth hygiene as much as possible. avoiding every other medication or supplement this time, so that cause of problem can be pinpointed. it’s been 3 days now, have had increased acidity issues but i guess that can be managed eventually, unless it starts affecting my gums & teeth. shall report here in due course.

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