Why is everybody talking about Heavy Metal Detox? Simple – We live in a world where it seems we’re more and more exposed to heavy metals.

From the mercury in our dental fillings, aluminum in deodorants, cadmium in cigarettes or mercury in fish, toxins are everywhere! And it doesn’t matter how hard you work to avoid them, some level of exposure will always occur.
Since only a small amount of these toxins in the body can have negative side effects -such as headache, fatigue or acne- everyone will have some benefits when we incorporate in our lives, natural ways to get rid of these toxins. So heavy metal detox becomes more and more important.

How can spirulina help for heavy metal detox?

Spirulina and Heavy Metal Detox │Spirulina AcademySpirulina, a single cell cyanobacteria, appeared on the planet about 3.6 billion year ago!  They have been eaten by the Incas and other traditional societies for hundreds of years. Today our modern civilization has “re-discovered” this super blue-green algae and its powerful benefits. (Yes, it’s a bacteria but called algae by mainstream media to simplify).

Several peer-reviewed scientific researches showed that spirulina was effective chelating agent to remove arsenic, mercury, lead and other heavy metals but ALSO in removing radioactive substances from our bodies.

Spirulina is a real scavenger for free radicals!

Mechanism of action for Spirulina heavy metal detox 

Spirulina is PACKED with chlorophyll and chlorophyll has the exact same structure as hemoglobin except for the center atom. In hemoglobin this is iron, whereas in chlorophyll it is magnesium. Hemoglobin is the protein that transports oxygen in our red blood cell, but it’s not its only job.

Spirulina and Heavy Metal Detox, chlorophyl heme│Spirulina AcademySpirulina will:

  • rebuild and replenish our red blood cells,
  • boost our energy
  • help in the detox process
  • stop bacterial growth in the digestive tract
  • stop the production of yeasts and fungi
  • eliminates bad breath
  • act as an internal body deodorant.


Yep! All that! Pretty impressive isn’t it?

By eating spirulina you will boost your red blood cells and their capacity to transport oxygen. More oxygen means a more efficient body to detox! And that’s an added bonus the athletes will appreciate!

Is that all the benefits from spirulina?

Is spirulina only good for Heavy Metal Detox? NO! Spirulina has so many other positive effects on our organism:

  1. Spirulina can help prevent and reverse anemia.
  2. Spirulina can also help to maintain you body in a more alkaline state for an optimal health!
  3. Spirulina also a very good ally to boost your immune system.
  4. Spirulina is a great anti-aging, anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory agent.
  5. Nowadays,  a lot of people suffer from high level of cholesterol. Here too, spirulina comes to the rescue. Read this three part post to see how you can reduce your cholesterol level naturally (part Ipart IIpart III).

How much spirulina should you take?

Spirulina can be taken at high doses with little to no side effects. In fact there are only 2 medical conditions currently known that can lead to negative side effects. For an effective detox cure, a typical dosage is 20 to 30 gr BUT you may want to start with 500 mg daily and work up to allow your body to adjust. Spirulina is so effective to bind with toxins and expel them from our body that they can help  reduce some of the side effect associated with detox, but you want to ease into it.

Once your cure is completed, you can taper down to 5-10 gr per day.Spirulina flakes│Spirulina Academy

I personally take about 10 gr per day that I add to my food. Why, just because most spirulina tablets you find on the market are 500 mg, so I would have to take ~20 tablets per day… No thank you!! So I sprinkle crunchies (my favorites) on sladas or other dishes or mix powder (less palatable) in smoothies or pretty much anything else. Then it’s really easy to take 10 gr per day  and I stay on peak, clean and healthy.

Check out the recipes if you need some inspiration to mix spirulina in your everyday food.

The other day I just made this amazing spirulina cheesecake. It’s gluten and sugar free and paleo friendly. Let me know if you want the recipe 😉 Spirulina Cheesecake │Spirulina Academy



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